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Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Change can be difficult, but innovative change is what was required in order for Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, our only national museum of sport, to be relevant for another 66 years .

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Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame has its roots deeply ingrained in communities across Canada, a well-represented Board of Governors, and we are connecting more and more with Canadians to the stories and lessons that help shape this country. We are creating more opportunities for Canadians to experience exhibits beyond our walls. We are connecting through our national education programs which reach into classrooms across this nation. We are contributing to the connection between sport and social purpose, and we award the highest level of sporting accomplishment, the Order of Sport, to each new and diverse class annually. 

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Cheryl Bernard, President & CEO

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Established in 1955, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame has overcome many changing tides but has never wavered in its commitment to connecting this
nation to the transformative power of sport. Because of the unwavering dedication of our founders, staff, Board of Governors, Hall of Famer Selection Committee, Hall of Famers, sponsors, partners and volunteers, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame continues to provide dynamic opportunities for all Canadians to be impacted by the rich sporting history of our country.


Thank you for your commitment, vision and leadership.


educating 39 million Canadians on the rich culture and value of sport through pieces of history

Through community partnerships, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame provides exciting, tangible opportunities for Canadians off all ages, backgrounds, and communities to connect with the incredible stories and experiences of Athletes and Builders of sport in Canada. As our organization expands a lineup of one-of-a-kind digital and traveling exhibits, these rich stories will continue to reach more and more Canadians than ever before; ensuring these experiences are relevant, engaging, current and effectively educate Canadians on the invaluable lessons of sport.

Artefacts aren't meant to be in cases, so we brought them...

Into Communities

Into Classrooms

Into Stories

Pieces of history were integrated into our Beyond the Win Education Programs, featured in community exhibits, installations and digital exhibits, and woven into social media feeds, sharing the rich history of sport in this country.

We have been reimagining the role these pieces of history can play


connecting the more than 5 million students in this country to the invaluable lessons of sport

Sharing that the lessons of sport are more than just winning

Home to more than 700 Hall of Famers, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame offers Canadians invaluable stories of Athletes and Builders of sport that are role models in this country. Through Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame’s Beyond the Win Education Programs, the lessons of these stories are delivered to students across Canada through curriculum-aligned, dynamic education programs and resources. The educational programming and resources offered through Beyond the Win Education Programs aim to arm our nation’s 500,000 educators and are designed to support and reinforce curricula, without duplicating in-class learning. Through sport’s rich history, lessons and values, youth in kindergarten through University, from coast-to-coast-to-coast learn that sport teaches more than sport. Our exclusive programming cannot be replicated by any other cultural or sporting organization in the country as we are the only organization in Canada that tells the stories of all sports, all Canadians, all the time. We amplify inspiring stories that demonstrate resilience and leadership, connecting youth to the story of a Hall of Famer, and inspire youth to believe that they too can achieve greatness despite challenge and circumstance.

Emmanuel Mehr, Museum Educator facilitating a live education program – Artefact Talks: Stick It to the Competition through Innovation – to sixth graders in Nova Scotia.

Programs & resources that reach youth across the nation

Since March of 2020, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame – a recognized museum by the Alberta Museums Association – embraced the changes associated with COVID-19 restrictions and acted as a leader, both in the heritage sector and education industry, by reimagining the ways in which we facilitate our education programming and connect youth to the power of sport. Our Education Team has embraced virtual programming and offers educators a lineup of curriculum-aligned asynchronous and synchronous education programs and resources. These adaptations resulted in exponential growth in the reach of our Beyond the Win Education Programs across the country, expansion of the invaluable impact Hall of Famers’ stories can have on the youth of our nation, and reinforced our organization’s presence as a truly national heritage institution.
Hall of Famers on Tour Programs
Programs (Virtual & In-Person)
Provinces & Territories
Curricular Alignments

* Stats from January 2020 – June 2022

Launched in 2022, Beyond the Win’s educational programming and resources are accessible to educators and students, at no charge, through a centralized web-based hub at www.BeyondtheWin.ca.

More Classrooms. more stories. More connection.

Youth deserve to be inspired, empowered, and encouraged by the stories and lessons from the journeys of our Hall of Famers. That is our story. And we want you to be a part of it.

In 2022 Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame launched a national education endowment campaign is aiming to raise $8 million to help ensure the extensive education programs and resources that have been developed within our Beyond the Win Education Programs are accessible to as many youth in this country as possible. This fundraising campaign will support these unparalleled resources, expanding year over year; reaching more classrooms, with more stories and creating more connection in communities across the nation.


connecting 39 million Canadians to stories of building this country through greatness in sport & good in community

Created in 2019, the Order of Sport, Canada’s highest sporting honour, is a symbol of our organization’s vision to build Canada through the transformative power of sport. As shared here, this award is to recognize those who achieve greatness, but don’t stop there.

Awarding Hall of Famers Canada’s highest sporting honour supports our ongoing mission to raise the stature, currency, and relevance of sport in the future of Canada, to respect and cherish Canadians who have achieved the highest level of accomplishment and who have the purpose and passion to go beyond their sport success, and educate all Canadians on the transformative power of sport.

From nomination, to selection and announcement, and the journey to induction - we connect a nation to an annual Class of Athletes and Builders which represents the diverse people and stories of sport that shape this country.

Canadians collectively celebrating Canada's Highest Sporting Honour in more ways than ever before

Sport + Spirit Gala; the power of a story

May 12, 2022 was a great day for Sport and Community. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame unveiled the remarkable Class of 2022 at a national media conference; a Class of Athletes, sport Builders and Trailblazers.


At an evening celebration, the Sport + Spirit Gala presented by Enbridge, we were inspired and moved by the incredible stories of this Class of 2022, and collectively celebrated the ways in which sport and community shape a country. The community rallied around the importance of these eight individuals and two teams and came together to help ensure education programs that derive invaluable lessons from their stories, are available to youth across the country, at no charge.

66th Annual Order of Sport Awards

Receipt of the Order of Sport is a moment that signifies the immense contributions made to Canada through sport and this celebratory event is where the impact of receiving this honour is shared with the nation. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is proud to be hosting the 66th Annual Order of Sport Awards, presented by Everest, live in Toronto and around the world! The Class of 2022 will be celebrated at a reception and awards show in downtown Toronto as they are presented the Order of Sport award – Canada’s highest sporting honour, marking their induction into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. The awards show will be live streamed across the nation for all Canadians to collectively celebrate this remarkable Class of Athletes, sport Builders and Trailblazers.

Thought Leadership

ensuring the impact of a Hall of Famer’s story resonates with those beyond the sporting community

Supporting conversation about social justice & current events through rich storytelling

As Canada’s only national museum of sport, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is dedicated to utilizing the unifying power of sport and its national reach to provide a platform to amplify and share the stories of racially marginalized Hall of Famers. The social climate of recent years provided clarity on how our organization can contribute to the connection between sport and social purpose, re-examining the impact historical storytellers and educators can have on fostering invaluable conversation. Our organization is committed to bringing awareness to the truths and experiences of incredible sporting heroes, anchored through the lens of sport.

We Will Do Better

As Canada’s only National Museum of Sport, we have a platform and an obligation to amplify marginalized voices, and share the lived experiences of marginalized Hall of Famers. #WeWillDoBetter shares the stories of nine Black, Indigenous and Asian Hall of Famers.
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Indigenous Summit

In November 2020, we organized and hosted an Indigenous Summit to bring together Indigenous Hall of Famers as expert consultants to work with Dr. Janice Forsyth and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame staff to identify and develop a framework, action plan and best practices for a new Beyond the Win Education Program. This Summit inspired a 10-year Sport & Reconciliation vision for Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

The intersection of sport & social purpose is a critical space and we are honoured to do our part

digital impact

We are curating experiences, content & stories that are reaching far beyond our walls

Experiencing unprecedented growth in engagement, reach and social echo, the digital footprint of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame has dramatically amplified the relevance and impact of our organization’s brand influence. Despite being closed to the public, cancellation of numerous events and in-person exhibits, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and the Order of Sport Award – along with the numerous campaigns, projects and initiatives we have developed, are more prevalent than ever before. 

Total social media impressions

* Stats from January 2020 – December 2021 on Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame & Order of Sport social media channels.

our leadership

A passionate, forward-thinking & innovative team

Board of Governors (Volunteer)

Bob Rooney, Chair

Dany Assaf, Treasurer

Susan Anderson, Director

Geoff Beattie, Director

Michelle Cameron-Coulter, Director

Brian Gallant, Director

Trevor Haynes, Director

Blake Hutcheson, Director

Kelly Murumets, Director

Gareth Rees, Director

Tammy Sadinsky, Director

Brendan Shanahan, Director

Mark Smith, Director


Cheryl Bernard, President & Chief Executive Officer

Janice Smith, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Misty Kolozetti, Vice President, Marketing, Fund Development & Communications

Gerald Saccardo, Director, Finance & Administration

George Cavanagh, Director, Facility & Technology Integration

Katelyn Roughley, Manager, Education and Programming






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