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Thought leadership

Thought leadership

The silver lining of COVID-19 was that we were forced to take a long, hard look at our role in this country and reimagine how we can connect the people of this great nation to the stories, journeys and lessons of our Hall of Famers.

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Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame continues to be committed to its mission – educating all Canadians on the value, history, and culture of sport in this country – and is working toward reimagining its future in Calgary with the goal of developing new and unique ways to extend its impact across Canada. Although the physical museum has been closed since March 2020 (due to health restrictions), Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame quickly pivoted during the early months of COVID-19 and truly embraced its ability to be a national platform to share the stories – struggles and triumphs – of Hall of Famers.


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Because of the unwavering dedication of our staff, Board of Governors, Hall of Famer Selection Committee, Hall of Famers, sponsors, partners and volunteers, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame has not only survived these unprecedented times, but also embarked on a transformational journey to connect all of Canada to the power of sport.


Thank you for your commitment, vision and leadership.


Through community partnerships, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame was able to provide exciting and tangible opportunities for Canadians to connect with the incredible stories and experiences of Athletes and Builders of sport in Canada. As our organization moves towards more digital and travelling exhibits, these rich stories will reach more and more Canadians than ever before; ensuring these experiences are relevant, engaging, current and effectively educate Canadians on the invaluable lessons of sport.

Artefacts aren't meant to be in cases, so we brought them...

Into Communities

Into Classrooms

Into Stories

Pieces of history were integrated into our Beyond the Win Education Programs, featured in community exhibits, installations and digital exhibits and weaved into social media feeds, sharing the rich history of sport in this country.

We have been reimagining the role these pieces of history can play


Sharing that the lessons of sport are more than just winning

The transition to virtual...

Over the last year and a half, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame – a recognized museum by the Alberta Museums Association – has embraced the changes associated with COVID-19 restrictions and acted as a leader, both in the heritage sector and education industry, by reimagining the ways in which we facilitate our education programming and connect youth to the power of sport. 

Navigating a global pandemic, our Education Team embraced virtual programming and immediately went to work developing a lineup of curriculum-aligned asynchronous and synchronous education programs and resources. These adaptations have resulted in exponential growth in the reach of our Beyond the Win Education Programs across the country, expansion of the invaluable impact Hall of Famers’ stories can have on the youth of our nation, and reinforced our organization’s presence as a truly national heritage institution.


Emmanuel Mehr, Museum Educator facilitating a live education program – Artefact Talks: Stick It to the Competition through Innovation – to sixth graders in Nova Scotia.

Hall of Famers on Tour Programs
Programs (Virtual & In-Person)
Curricular Alignments

* Stats from January 2020 – December 2021.

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To further the impact of our Beyond the Win Education Programs, and to help ensure they are available at no cost to students across Canada, please consider donating below.


Created in 2019, the Order of Sport, Canada’s highest sporting honour, is a symbol of our organization’s vision to build Canada through the transformative power of sport. As shared here, this award is to recognize those who achieve greatness, but
don’t stop there.

Awarding Hall of Famers Canada’s highest sporting honour supports our ongoing mission to raise the stature, currency, and relevance of sport in the future of Canada, to respect and cherish Canadians who have achieved the highest level of accomplishment and who have the purpose and passion to go beyond their sport success, and educate all Canadians on the transformative power of sport.

In March 2020, we sat in the boardroom - fresh off the ratification of an incredible diverse Class of Athletes and Builders of sport in this country - and wondered how on earth we would ever be able to appropriately honour this group in the face of a global pandemic




Jones Konihowski




Lamaze & 





With the incredible support of our sponsors and community partners, we shared the stories and journeys of this Class in many ways, beginning in May 2020 and through to December 2021.

Sportsnet Interviews

In partnership with Sportsnet, fantastic dialogue with members of the Class of 2020-21 was captured as broadcast personalities asked the Order of Sport recipients why giving back to sport is critical and what sport means to them. Each Inductee shared what it means to go beyond the win and do good for community.

Delivering Recognition

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Guided by a commitment to ensure the incredible Class of 2020-21 were celebrated despite these unique times, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, in partnership with AMJ Campbell took the Order of Sport Award to each Inductee. Sharing ‘behind the scenes’ moments with Canada emphasized the importance of receiving Canada’s highest sporting honour.

Instead of delaying this Class' receipt of Canada's Highest Sporting Honour, we invited all of Canada to join in on the celebration.

On October 3, 2021, thousands came together from around the world to celebrate this 2020-21 Class of 11 dynamic Athletes and Builders who have helped shape Canada through the power of sport. The 65th Annual Order of Sport Awards, presented by Everest was the most inclusive celebration of sport our nation has ever seen. 

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By effectively engaging the diverse and extensive network of this incredible Class of Athletes and Builders, the 65th Annual Order of Sport Awards, presented by Everest accumulated an unprecedented amount of media, digital and social media impressions. 


Thought Leadership

Supporting conversation about social justice & current events through rich storytelling

As Canada’s only national museum of sport, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is dedicated to utilizing the unifying power of sport and its national reach to provide a platform to amplify and share the stories of racially marginalized Hall of Famers. The social climate of 2020 and 2021 provided clarity on how our organization can contribute to the connection between sport and social purpose, re-examining the impact historical storytellers and educators can have on fostering invaluable conversation. Our organization is committed to bringing awareness to the truths and experiences of incredible sporting heroes, anchored through the lens of sport.

We Will Do Better

As Canada’s only National Museum of Sport, we have a platform and an obligation to amplify marginalized voices, and share the lived experiences of marginalized Hall of Famers. #WeWillDoBetter shares the stories of nine Black, Indigenous and Asian Hall of Famers.
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Indigenous Summit

In November 2020, we organized and hosted an Indigenous Summit to bring together Indigenous Hall of Famers as expert consultants to work with Dr. Janice Forsyth and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame staff to identify and develop a framework, action plan and best practices for a new Beyond the Win Education Program. This Summit inspired a 10-year Sport & Reconciliation vision for Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.


My CSHoF Moment shared behind-the-scenes videos and favourite moments from our staff and volunteers. This campaign allowed Canadians an opportunity to stay connected while we were closed due to the pandemic and health restrictions.

The intersection of sport & social purpose is a critical space and we are honoured to do our part

digital impact

We are curating experiences, content & stories that are reaching far beyond our walls

Experiencing unprecedented growth in engagement, reach and social echo, the digital footprint of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame has dramatically amplified the relevance and impact of our organization’s brand influence. Despite being closed to the public, cancellation of numerous events and in-person exhibits, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame and the Order of Sport Award – along with the numerous campaigns, projects and initiatives we have developed, are more prevalent than ever before. 

Total social media impressions

* Stats from January 2020 – December 2021 on Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame & Order of Sport social media channels.


This information is taken from the completed financial records of the organization. To obtain the full audited financial statements, visit sportshall.ca


Thank you for being a champion, helping ensure youth across Canada have access to invaluable education programs at no cost to their families or schools. All donations will be channeled into year-round school and community programs, building a future for sport + spirit through curriculum-aligned education programs delivered across our nation.

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