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The 65th Order of Sport Awards, presented by Everest, streamed live on Sunday, October 3, 2021. You can still view this historical celebration of sport!

The Story of the Order of Sport

A defining moment for sport in Canada, the Order of Sport is a tribute to Canadians who achieve greatness in sport and continue on to do good for their community.


The mandate of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is to celebrate Canada’s champions who are converting their competitive spirit into community spirit and building Canada through the transformative power of sport. In 2019, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame launched a new recognition program, the Order of Sport, Canada’s highest sporting honour, and a symbol of the organization’s vision to build Canada through the transformative power of sport. This award is to recognize those who achieve greatness, but don’t stop there.

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Through the inspiring stories and memorabilia of prominent sport champions, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame’s Beyond the Win Education Programs share the critical choices that Athletes and Builders make, and the adversity they face, on their journeys to becoming a Hall of Famer. Most importantly, these programs inspire youth to become their own great-to-good stories by learning how their sport heroes go “beyond the win” to help build Canada through the transformative power of sport.